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Nicos Anastasiades isn’t convincing anyone


Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Giorgos Koukoumas

AKEL tables Pandora Papers issue for discussion in Parliament

7 October 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

Nicos Anastasiades and the government of ruling DISY party have put Cyprus back on the front page of international news, but for all the wrong reasons. Journalists abroad are asking Mr. Anastasiades questions about his involvement in the Pandora Papers, but his answers are not convincing.

Who could possibly believe that Nicos Anastasiades has nothing to do with the Nicos Anastasiades Law Firm? The President claims that he didn’t have any role in the Law firm since 1997. However, the asset declaration that he himself made public shortly before his election to the Presidency records hundreds of thousands in fees and dividends from the Nicos Anastasiades Law Firm and associated companies. But even after his election, Mr.Anastasiades was still inviting partners and clients of his Law firm to the Presidential Palace, as the former adviser to the President of the Republic revealed the day before yesterday.

Mr. Anastasiades is exposed and above all he is exposing and shaming Cyprus too. Furthermore, the ruling Democratic Rally party continues to cover up and justify Mr. Anastasiades’ glaring conflict of interest. This confirms that our country’s humiliation throughout the whole world is the work and responsibility of the whole of the DISY faction.

AKEL is today registering the Pandora Papers issue for discussion  the Parliamentary Control Committee, where the government and the ruling DISY party will be held to account.


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