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Until when will the government and DISY hide on price hikes issue?

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Giorgos Koukoumas

15 September 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

In Europe and almost all over the world, measures are being taken to intervene in the economy to curb the price hikes of energy prices. But in Cyprus, under the DISY government, the Cypriot people have been left at the mercy of price increases that are eroding their income on a daily basis.

EUR 850 million have flowed into the state coffers since the beginning of the year, money that the Cypriot people themselves have paid through VAT because of the increases. What does the government intend to do with this money? Are they going to hire more armies of ‘advisors in the Presidential Palace? Will they scatter it to serve the election campaign of the ruling DISY party? Why don’t they study our proposals, making use at least some of this money by reducing fuel and electricity taxes immediately?

  • Bills have been passed by Parliament to reduce fuel and electricity taxes. Until when will the government block their implementation through the trick of referring them to the Supreme Court?
  • There is also AKEL’s proposal to tax the super profits of energy companies in order to create a fund to provide support towards the vulnerable groups in society. Why does the government not accept it?
  • Finally, until when will DISY and the government hide on the issue of price hikes? Why are they not even replying these questions?



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