Submitted by the Parliamentary Group AKEL-Left-New Forces

WHEREAS 7th December, the day of the return of President Makarios from forced self-exile due to the coup d’état of 15th July 1974, is commemorated as the Day of Remembrance of the Fighters of the Resistance who resisted the terror of the Junta and EOKA b and the coup,

WHEREAS the House of Representatives, with its Resolution of 17 March 2011, adopted the contents and conclusions of the Finding of the Parliamentary Committee on the “Cyprus File” in its entirety,

WHEREAS the treasonous coup d’état and the barbaric Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation constitute the two sides of the twin crimes committed, with the US, UK and NATO bearing grave responsibilities, aimed at the abolition of the Republic of Cyprus and the partition of Cyprus and its people,

WHEREAS the criminal actions of the Junta and EOKA B, which culminated in the coup d’état, does not constitute “a foolish act”, but treason and conscious complicity with Turkey in the plan to divide Cyprus,

WHEREAS the preservation of historical memory constitutes a debt to our people who suffered the tragedy of 1974 and continue to suffer its consequences, but, at the same time, it is a responsibility to the future generations of the country,

For all these reasons, the House of Representatives votes as follows:

Honors the Democratic Resistance and pays tribute and expresses its gratitude to the heroic fallen and fighters who defended democratic legality and freedom of our people against fascism and Turkish expansionism,

Calls on the state to ensure that the heroes of the Democratic Resistance are given due honor, primarily through the promotion in the educational system of the patriotic, democratic and anti-fascist spirit of their sacrifice,

Calls on the country’s institutions, such as local authorities, the public broadcasting corporation, the security forces, the mass media, etc., to take initiatives to highlight the Democratic Resistance and its heroes,

Denounces every attempt to falsify modern Cypriot history either by equating the lawful government of Makarios and the forces of democracy with the terror of EOKA B or through the glorification of the leader and other members of EOKA B and the coupist government or by incriminating the non-aligned policy of the Republic of Cyprus on ideological grounds for the tragedy of 1974,

Calls on the state to cut off the funding any kind of activities that are connected with paying tribute to Giorgos Grivas, whom history has condemned as unworthy of any kind of honor from the homeland,

Calls on the government and all institutions of the state to respect the memory and wounds of the Cypriot people and to refrain from honoring and turning into heroes all those who turned against democratic legality and in particular the leader and members of EOKA B and/or members of the coupist government,

Stresses that the defence of the historical truth on the tragedy of 1974 is an integral part of the struggle for the liberation and reunification of Cyprus, with a solution to the Cyprus problem on the agreed basis and framework.


The Resolution approved by Parliament on the Democratic Resistance is of historic importance


AKEL denounces the rhetoric and behaviour of MP A. Themistocleous in the Parliament