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The Resolution approved by Parliament on the Democratic Resistance is of historic importance



The government must cut all funds promoting Grivas’ memory

For 50 years DISY-ELAM have been on the wrong side of history, of those who betrayed the country

3 December 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The Resolution on the Democratic Resistance that was adopted yesterday by Parliament – on the occasion of the upcoming ‘Day of Remembrance of the Fighters of the Resistance’ on 7 December – is of historic importance and sends not only powerful symbolic messages, but also of substance. B

By approving the resolution tabled by AKEL, the House of Representatives sends a strong message to the government and state as a whole that those who must be honored are the heroes who sacrificed their lives for the homeland and not those who betrayed it.

Parliament calls on the State and the institutions (the education system, mass media, local government and security forces) to take initiatives to highlight the Democratic Resistance against the coup d’état and EOKA B terror, to highlight the patriotic, democratic and anti-fascist spirit of the sacrifice of its Resistance heroes.

At the same time, the House of Representatives calls on the government and all state institutions to refrain from honoring and turning into heroes all those who fought against democratic legality, and in particular the leader and members of EOKA B and/or members of the coupist government. Furthermore, the Resolution calls on the state to stop all funds for any activities connected with honoring Giorgios Grivas, ‘whom history has condemned as unworthy of any kind of honor from the homeland’.

It should be noted that AKEL is tabling an amendment to the 2023 State Budget next week to permanently cut off all funds related to the memory of Grivas (museums, monuments, events, publications, etc.).

The decision of the ruling DISY party and far-right ELAM to vote against this resolution confirms that 50 years onwards [form the coup d’état on 15 July 1974] DISY and ELAM remain on the wrong side of history, on the side of those who betrayed our country in 1974.

By refusing to vote for the Resolution on Democratic Resistance, they not only insult the sacrifice of the heroes who sacrificed their lives fighting against fascism, but confirm that even today they persist in seeking to turn history upside down and the traitors into heroes. They are deluded.



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