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Anastasiades/DISY government in a world of its own – Measures needed immediately


Statement by AKEL Political Bureau member and Head of Economic Policy Charis Polycarpou

18 April 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

Everyone understands that the high cost of living and price hikes are sweeping the economy. That is to say, everyone – except the Anastasiades – DISY government that is living in its own world. It continues to claim that no measures are required, while people see their standard of living falling.

Urgent measures to support society and the economy are demanded. Measures to curb the rising cost of essential goods and to tackle the profiteering that is growing in the market.

This is the aim of AKEL’s proposals.

Firstly, by abolishing the double fuel tax in order to achieve a significant reduction in the price of fuel.

Second, by reducing the VAT on electricity from 19% to 9% for as long as the exceptional conditions are prevalent in the market, with the aim of easing the burden on households and small and medium-sized enterprises.

Thirdly, by imposing a cap on fuel and essential goods in order to counteract the phenomena of profiteering.

The government must realise that society cannot endure any more pretexts and excuses. Measures must be taken now!




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