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AKEL’s public pre-Congress dialogue begins today in view of the 23rd Congress


7th June 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

AKEL is launching a public dialogue today in view of the 23rd Party Congress that will take convene in Nicosia from the 2-4th July under the slogan “Force of struggle – Force of change”. The aim and objective of the dialogue is to hear the views and proposals of thousands of AKEL members and every friend of the Party and the Left who wants to contribute towards a fruitful discussion about AKEL and its intervention in society. After the result of the parliamentary elections, the Central Committee of AKEL considers that this procedure acquires special importance because it aims to involve thousands of its members and a large section of society in the discussion, in the fermentation of ideas, in the critical evaluation and elaboration of proposals. The Theses of the C.C. to the 23rd Congress that have already been made public can be part of this reflection.

Information on the Pre-Congress Dialogue

In this context, we announce, on the basis of the Statutes of the Party, the beginning of the public Pre-Congress Dialogue.

The texts should be sent to the offices of the C.C. of AKEL, preferably in electronic form to the email address synedrio23@akel.org.cy or through the AKEL website https://akel.org.cy/dialogos23, or in typed form to the fax number 22764725

  • The Pre-Congress Dialogue starts today, 7th June and will last until 28th June.
  • The views that will be expressed during the pre-Congress discussion will be published in the columns of the newspaper “Haravgi”, on the internet and on the AKEL website.
  • Articles should not exceed 550 words. In case they exceed this number of words, they will be published only electronically on the AKEL website. And in this case, however, they should not exceed 850 words. Each participant in the dialogue can participate with more than one article, if he/she wishes.
  • All views without exception will be published in chronological order of priority. Only texts containing abusive references will not be published and the author will be informed.
  • The articles must be signed by name and if the author is a member of AKEL, his Party Organization must also be listed.

For more information call 22761121.





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