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AKEL on the quarry zone in Androlikou


22 May 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The announcement of a tender for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Assessment Study and a Special Ecological Assessment Study for the possible creation of a New Quarry Zone in the community of Androlikou, just one year after the negative opinion of the environmental authority on the same issue, once again raises concerns and worries.

The need for quarry materials cannot take precedence over the need for the protection of the environment, especially when these operations are planned to take place within the Akamas area. Quarrying has a huge negative impact on any area, let alone a protected one. That is precisely why any plans being made for the Androlikou region must be stopped.

The government and the relevant Ministry must find a way to solve the problem of material sufficiency without compromising on the need for environmental protection. The fact that the Androlikou area was put out to tender in the first place unfortunately demonstrates that the government is anything but thinking about safeguarding habitats.

The government ruling forces must come up with alternative solutions that do not create any more problems.




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