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AKEL MEP G. Georgiou denounces the new machinations against Cuba in the European Parliament


9th June 2021

The inclusion in the agenda of the current plenary of the European Parliament and the discussion surrounding “Human rights and the political situation in Cuba” is a continuation of the attempts by a group of MEP’s to put an end to the development of EU-Cuba relations on the basis of equality and mutual respect, far from any interferences and interventions in the internal affairs of Cuba.

They talk about human rights violations in Cuba when it is they and those behind them who are fueling constant provocative actions against Cuba. They are precisely the ones who consider Israel’s recent state violence against the Palestinians, police violence, the murder of trade unionists, racist attacks and the imprisonment of left-wing activists do not constitute violations of human rights, whilst they do not permit any discussion on these issues in the European Parliament.

They are the ones who supported and continue to support the ongoing interventions and machinations of the United States against Cuba who have been funding people for decades to incite actions against the Cuban Revolution.

They are the ones who support the criminal US economic, commercial and financial blockade that has been imposed on Cuba for more than 60 years, which damages the day-to-day life of the Cuban people by depriving them of access to essential materials and technology even during the period of the pandemic.

Cuba however responds with the magnitude of its humanitarianism and solidarity by offering the knowledge and capabilities it has – as it did during the pandemic when Cuban doctors rushed to offer their assistance to numerous countries that requested help.

As an MEP of AKEL, I denounce these new machinations against Cuba and we call for a vote against this resolution which is based on lies.


Worker’s right to collective organization and assertion must be protected


AKEL puts forth the candidacy of A.Kyprianou for President of Parliament but will continue contacts