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AKEL General Secretary: the President shouldn’t throw stones at others when he lives in a glass house


19 January 2022, ‘Astra’ radio station

President Anastasiades shouldn’t play with fire and throw stones when he lives in a glass house, the General Secretary of AKEL has pointed out.

Stefanos Stefanou stressed to the morning edition of ‘Astra’ that Nicos Anastasiades is the only President who has discussed and sounded out people for a two state solution.

He also said that the President has a credibility problem abroad.

And in order not to be told again that AKEL is engaging in destructive opposition, S.Stefanou recalled that this reference belongs to the Chief negotiator of the Greek Cypriot side Mr. Mavroyiannis (Note: appointed by President Anastasiades). He pointed out that with its regressions and erroneous handlings, the DISY party government had led the Greek Cypriot side to the dock blamed for the deadlock and the absence of any negotiations.

The General Secretary of AKEL also made it clear that AKEL would never discuss a basis for a solution of the Cyprus problem outside and beyond the Resolutions of the UN, declaring that the solution must be on the basis of the bizonal, bicommunal federation with political equality.

At the same time, the General Secretary of AKEL underlined that the government ruling forces don’t listen when the opposition submits proposals and referred to his Party’s proposal to turn natural gas into a catalyst for the solution of the Cyprus problem.

He noted that the President never agreed to discuss this AKEL’s specific proposal on the Cyprus problem, instead he denigrated and distorted it, accusing AKEL of opposition tactical games.

Stefanos Stefanou noted that this proposal was presented and put before the National Council, but the President refused to discuss it.


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Statement by AKEL MP Aristos Damianou after the meeting of the Parliamentary Internal Affairs Committee.