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AKEL expresses its full support to the just struggle of the sheep and goat farmers


Statement by AKEL Left New Forces MP Yiannakis Gavriel

18 May 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The sheep and goat sector is on the brink of disaster and the responsibility for this situation lies solely with the government.

The deliberate choice made by the government not to carry out checks in previous years to ensure that the traditional Cypriot cheese ‘halloumi’ placed on the market is produced in accordance with the standards set has left plenty of room for impunity and facilitated and favored specific financial and other interests.

The results of the recent inspections, which were carried out under intense pressure from both Parliament and the professional sectors affected, unfortunately confirm the orgy of illegality.

The sheep and goat farmers are not begging, but demanding that the legislation and what has been approved by the EU regarding halloumi as a Protected Designation of Origin product must be implemented.

The government must abandon its delaying attitude and faithfully implement all the laws and regulations approved by the EU. Otherwise, the registration of our traditional product will be in immediate danger.

This is the only way to serve the public interest, save the livestock sector and to exploit the prospects opened up for halloumi by its registration as a Protected Designation of Origin product.


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