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We’re getting jealous of Belgium… – Article by Giorgos T. Georgiou, AKEL Political Bureau member



Sunday 18 December 2022, “Haravgi” newspaper

Europe is shaking to its roots by the scandal of huge proportions following the arrest of Greek socialist MEP Eva Kaili and other members of the European Parliament and the Socialist Group in connection with possible involvement in bribery/kickbacks on the part of the Qatari state.

The State of Qatar, although it denies it, was setting up a whole network of high-level figures seeking to launder their possible dirty business. This is not, of course, the first time that scandals have broken out in EU institutions, and many have been swept under the carpet. Unfortunately, this European Union breeds and reproduces scandals.

A great deal has been written and said on this subject, as well as on the violations of workers’ rights. Figures speak of thousands of deaths. At least 6,500 workers died in the concrete of the buildings and infrastructures of the World     Cup in Qatar.

Qatar needed a powerful lobby in the EU that would whitewash and embellish its image. As countries and companies do every time in order to sell their products by trampling on dead bodies. It is no coincidence that some 13,500 lobby companies and 20,000 lobbyists reside in Brussels to promote the interests of powerful interests.

What gives me hope is the lightning speed in which the Belgian authorities have acted. The excellent cooperation of the judiciary and the police, the anti-financial crime authorities, in their swift actions without delay. It is one of the examples that can serve as a model for countries governed by the rule of law. I was beginning to envy Belgium and the Belgian authorities for this lightning-quick and effective operation to stamp out a scandal.

I really wonder why the same cannot happen in our own country too, which is ravaged by scandals, entanglement/interwoven interests and corruption.

The ‘golden passports’ scheme and the 50% illegally granted citizenships will haunt Cyprus for many years to come. Despite all the reports and the evidence, no one has been held to account and brought to court.

Who has taken responsibility for the Stock Exchange scandal and who was convicted for stealing EUR 18 billion from the pockets of the common people?

Who has been punished for the banking scandal, the crime committed by the bankers, the selling off of the banks of Cyprus in Greece that cost so much more?

Where have the reports of the Auditor General and the Arestis Commission of Inquiry on the criminal scandals related to the Cyprus Cooperative Bank sell-off gone?

Who from those directly involved has been punished, as the relevant reports name them?

What has happened to the criminal offences stemming from the sale of the ports?

Unfortunately, the mafia state in Cyprus is alive and well! The government of N. Anastasiades – DISY bears heavy and criminal responsibilities for the ongoing defamation of our country. Equally grave are the responsibilities of the judiciary and all the other competent institutions in combatting scandals and financial crime. There is no action, no measure, no reactions whatsoever and a complete lack of reflexes, but also absent is the assumption of any responsibility.

During the ten year term of the Anastasiades-DISY government, the Cypriot people have experienced unprecedented attitudes and behaviour on the part of the government ruling forces. They have turned the state into their feudal kingdom to satisfy their interests and their business interests.

Now is the time to rid ourselves of their corrupt administration. Neither Averof Neofytou, nor Nikos Christodoulides is the solution. They are both part of the problem of the crises that have brought only misery to our people and society.

Only the candidacy of the independent Andreas Mavroyiannis can provide both a present and a future. To take on the corruption, scandals and entanglement/interwoven interests. Only Andreas Mavroyiannis has the credentials to build a modern, honest state based on transparency and accountability.


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