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The public health sector should be safeguarded, upgraded and modernized


20 May 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

A delegation of AKEL, headed by the Party’s Parliamentary Representative Giorgos Loukaides, AKEL Political Bureau member and Head of AKEL’s Health Policy Sector Athos Georgiou and Central Committee member and MEP candidate Stavri Kalopsidiotou, was briefed about the work, challenges and problems the Nicosia General Hospital and its staff are facing during its visit to the site today.

During the meeting with the management team of the Hospital, the AKEL delegation was informed about the work being carried out, the priorities and important challenges that the General Hospital has to face.

On AKEL’s part, the Party’s efforts to implement the objective of upgrading and modernising the public health sector was stressed, while a reminder was also made of the fact that for a decade AKEL had been advocating the need for a strategic plan to be elaborated and implemented, based on specific actions and timetables, which would lead to the implementation of this objective. Within the context of the preparation of this strategic plan, the need for information on the operational plan currently being prepared was also underlined.

The AKEL delegation subsequently met and spoke with hourly and other staff of the hospital. The staff had the opportunity to convey their concerns and specific labour problems they face, which will be forwarded and raised by AKEL to the leadership of the state health services OKYPY.

Through the dialogue that followed, it was confirmed that unfortunately very little has been done and very late in the direction

of upgrading and modernising public hospitals. There continues to be a rigidity in taking and promoting effective solutions, while the methodical and systematic undermining of public hospitals, especially during the past decade, has accumulated a number of problems such as understaffing.

The AKEL delegation praised the work of the medical and paramedical staff, who, through their own efforts, manage to keep the level of services provided high. As noted, the existence of a robust and modern public health sector is the fundamental prerequisite for a comprehensive and functional health system in the country.

As an ally and supporter of the General Health Scheme (GESY), AKEL will continue to protect its public character from those forces and circles who want the alienation and privatisation of hospitals and their services.




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