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Statement of the Political Bureau of AKEL on the result of the Local Government and European Parliament elections


12 June 2024, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The Political Bureau of the Central Committee of AKEL met today and made an initial assessment of the results of the European and Local Government elections of 9 June.

As far as the European elections are concerned, it was pointed out that the result is undoubtedly negative, as the Party lost one of the two seats it held and recorded a fall in its electoral percentages, despite the fact that in absolute numbers the votes gained by AKEL – Left – Social Alliance remained stable. This development is negative for our presence in the European Parliament, but AKEL is determined to intensify its activity at the European Parliament level, acting always at the service of our country and people and with the vision of a radically different Europe. Particularly with the rise of the extreme right in Europe, as in our country too, the Left bears even greater responsibilities to act as a bastion of resistance against whatever poisons European societies with hatred.

With regards the local government elections, the picture is completely different, given that AKEL-Left-Social Alliance recorded significant victories at all levels of the institution. The choices made by the Party, as well as the alliances forged, have to a very large degree been vindicated.

More specifically, 8 Mayors from AKEL and 6 others supported by the Party were elected from the 20 Municipalities of the free areas of Cyprus [i.e. not under Turkish occupation].

Indeed, we note that all the existing Mayors of the Left were re-elected with percentages of more than 50%, which confirms the work they have carried out and their resonance with local communities.

Three of the five [newly formed] Presidents of the District Organisations were elected with the support of AKEL.

Out of the 93 deputy Mayors, 41 of them from or supported by AKEL were elected.

In the Municipalities representing occupied villages/towns/cities, 6 of the 9 elected Mayors were elected with the support given by AKEL.

In addition, the analysis of the results for the Municipal Councils shows an increase of almost 5% for the AKEL – Left – Social Alliance electoral lists compared to the 2021 parliamentary elections.

The result of 9 June gives AKEL momentum to continue its intervention even more effectively for the benefit of the country’s local communities.

The results of the two elections charge AKEL’s organization with the responsibility of an objective analysis that leads to specific conclusions on issues that we must correct and positive ones on which we must build on. This discussion will take place both in the Party’s leadership bodies, but also with the members and friends of the Party in the Social Alliance.

The analysis of the figures of the two elections demonstrates that a significant section of our voters who supported the choices and electoral lists of AKEL in the local government elections did not support our electoral candidate list in the European elections, a fact that needs to be studied.

More importantly, the result, which a candidate with particular characteristics recorded but with no programmatic proposals at all, requires both a political, but also sociological analysis. The difficulty in interpreting these electoral behaviours lies in the fact that, on the one hand, they converge on the position of a collective rejection of all political parties and institutions of the country, but on the other hand, they have heterogeneous or even opposite starting points and expectations. The only certainty is that as a Party we will not be led to depreciate sections of society because of their electoral behaviour, but rather that AKEL will make a more systematic effort to understand and approach them.

Finally, the Political Bureau of the C.C. of the Party addresses its thanks to all the people who supported AKEL – Left – Social Alliance in the double elections of June 9th and assures them that it will work even more resolutely to vindicate this conscious trust [in the Party].

At the same time, the Political Bureau of the C.C. of the Party congratulates the members and cadres of the Party, the candidates of AKEL – Left – Social Alliance for the struggle they have waged and calls on all of them to continue our struggles with determination and unity.






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