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Discouraging results – A lot of fuss for nothing

Statements by AKEL Political Bureau member and MP A.Damianou on the meeting at the Presidential Palace on the economy:

20 May 2022

The AKEL Political Bureau member Aristos Damianou characterised the outcome of today’s meeting on the economy held at the Presidential Palace as despondent, criticising the President of the Republic for convening a meeting simply to announce other meetings without the sense of urgency.

Speaking to ‘Astra’ radio, A.Damianou said that what came out of today’s meeting was a big meaningless pledge and stressed that for now his party doesn’t have big expectations arising from today’s meeting.

It was a lot of fuss for nothing and if only our concerns will be proved wrong in the coming days, A.Damianou said characteristically.

At the same time, the AKEL MP announced that next Monday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee will discuss as a priority the proposals elaborated and submitted by AKEL for the abolition of the double tax on fuel, but also the possibility of imposing a cap on fuel prices based on the criteria for essential goods, as well as other proposals concerning rent subsidies and the Fund to combat energy poverty.


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