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Culture isn’t a priority for this government

Statements by AKEL MP Christos Christofides after the meeting of the Parliamentary Education and Culture Committee

12 January 2022

Creating a Deputy Ministry of Culture is all well and good, but will the government at long last have a policy on culture and support culture? That is the crucial question because with this government for eight years now culture has, unfortunately, been suffering.

Every day we are receiving the views of people in the field of culture, artists and their organised associations, who are protesting vociferously because there is no real support for culture, no financial and other support for culture, which is suffering, especially in these circumstances.

For that reason, the question isn’t about changing structures. It is principally a question of the policies pursued and will be implemented on culture. I am very much afraid that this government with – whatever structures are formed – will always consider culture as secondary priority in its policy.


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