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Andreas Mavroyiannis is not a DISY person, neither does he belong to DISY, nor was he a key cog in the Anastasiades government

Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL S.Stefanou:

13 May 2022, ‘Dialogos’ portal

The General Secretary of AKEL Stefanos Stefanou said today that his Party’s proposal backing the candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis is non-partisan and independent, a candidacy with experience and knowledge. He noted that the proposal supporting the candidacy of A. Mavroyiannis brings together all the necessary characteristics ensuring that a progressive president can win with a progressive programme who covers AKEL’s fundamental positions. A candidacy that is independent and non-partisan that can confront the distrust on the part of a section of society with regards party agendas. Thirdly, Andreas Mavroyiannis is a man who has history, knowledge and experience behind him. Furthermore, the General Secretary of AKEL underlined that A.Mavroyiannis covers the Party’s positions on key issues which AKEL considers as “red lines”.

Stefanos Stefanou’s statements were made on the sidelines of a meeting he had with a delegation from the Young Worker’s Bureau of EDON, to discuss in detail the campaign launched by EDON on various issues and problems young workers face.

The General Secretary of AKEL stressed that AKEL’s proposal opens up prospects for achieving a broader consensus and is a proposal with a content. He also went on to say that A.Mavroyiannis was appointed to a political position as Deputy Minister under the Demetris Christofias government and handled Cyprus’ EU presidency in a successful way, while cooperating with all the political forces. In addition, S.Stefanou said that Mavroyiannis also had a close contact with Party officials to sound out the key views on other issues too on which he hadn’t dealt with.

At the same time, commenting on the candidacy of former Foreign Minister in the DISY-Anastasiades government Nikos Christodoulides, Stefanos Stefanou pointed out that Mr. Christodoulides declares himself to be a DISY man. He added that Nikos Christodoulides and DISY President and presidential candidate Averof Neophytou are the two sides of the same government, of the same party, namely ruling DISY. As he said, Christodoulides defended all the policies from which AKEL wants to rid the country of. S.Stefanou made it clear, however, that the talk that Andreas Mavroyiannis comes from the spectrum of DISY doesn’t make sense and is not the case, saying that as a career diplomat he served Cyprus from numerous positions. He also said that A.Mavroyiannis had served all the Presidents of the Republic of Cyprus, honored Cyprus and that he had fulfilled the tasks he had been assigned.

At the same time, the General Secretary of AKEL underlined that his Party has issued a public invitation to parties that adhere to the position that the current situation we are living in due to the DISY government must be ended. He noted that AKEL’s doors are open and address political and social forces.

At the same time, the General Secretary of AKEL stressed that the procedures in the Party Base organisations must continue. As he explained, after the discussion and consultative secret ballot in the Party Base organisations, they will return to the Central Committee to assess the situation and on 5 June the Pancyprian AKEL Congress will convene where final decisions will be taken on the candidate that AKEL will support.


AKEL members are embracing the proposal of the Central Committee for Andreas Mavroyiannis


Statements by General Secretary of the C.C. of S.Stefanou on the meeting with the Young Workers Bureau of EDON