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AKEL on the events in Brazil


The invasion by the far-right Bolsonaro supporters into the buildings of the executive, legislative and judiciary in Brazil is tantamount to an attempted coup against the democratically elected President Lula. This development, reminiscent of the invasion of the US Capitol by Trump supporters in 2021, confirms that the Brazilian far right refuses accept the election result and the victory of the progressive democratic alliance led by Lula.

AKEL condemns the invasion of the Brazilian state institutions buildings by the far-right and expresses its solidarity with the forces of the country that defend democracy and the rights of its workers and people.

The events in Brazil are a reminder of the dangerous and reactionary nature of the far-right in every country in the world, whose rise threatens democratic freedoms, human rights, labour conquests and environmental policies worldwide.  The fight against the far-right around the world is becoming an urgent democratic duty for the future of humanity.







Instead of Anastasiades being "hurt" for being characterised as corrupt, he should have taken care not to be involved in so many cases of conflict of interest


Statement by the General Secretary of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou on the result of the First Round of the Presidential Elections