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AKEL on developments surrounding natural gas

Statements by AKEL Political Bureau member and Head of AKEL’s Energy Policy Neoklis Sylikiotis

A lot of empty talk but no results

22 May 2023 ‘Astra’ radio

Wider energy plans in the Eastern Mediterranean will be realised provided that the Cyprus problem is solved. This is precisely why AKEL believes that energy can become a catalyst for the solution of the Cyprus problem, the former Energy Minister in the D.Christofias government Neoklis Sylikiotis pointed out speaking to ‘Astra’ radio station.

Regarding the possibility of an agreement being concluded between Cyprus and Israel for the construction of a natural gas pipeline, he noted that the issues are not just political, but also economic and technical. This also depends on the companies regarding what will follow, he said. N.Sylikiotis stated that if and when we have infrastructures ready and in place for LNG in Cyprus will it be easier for companies to come. He also added that the negotiation surrounding the use of the Isahia field should proceed and the companies must also agree.

N.Sylikiotis underlined that it is important not only to issue political announcements and proclamations, but at long last, he said, for the government to keep one’s feet on the ground, to elaborate an energy comprehensive plan and to proceed to practical actions.

At the same time, Neoklis Sylikiotis said that even if LNG is introduced, it will still be expensive because of the LNG high prices. He also said that the prospect in Egypt is distant as it was not advantageous.

On the EAST MED issue, N. Sylikiotis said that we should forget about it. He recalled that there is already a corridor from Egypt from which LNG is transported to Europe. He added that Egypt has an agreement with Europe until 2030.


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