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AKEL again sounding the alarm on increased incidents of bullying


Statement by the Head of the Social Policy Sector of AKEL Evanthia Savva

1 December 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The new incident of bullying of a minor pupil must put all competent bodies on alert.

The particular characteristics of this case confirm the inability of the state and competent bodies to protect victims of bullying both inside and outside school grounds.

The fragmentation of responsibilities, the lack of a strategy and planning, but above all the indifference of those responsible and the fear of assuming responsibility have led and will continue to lead to such incidents with unforeseeable and irreversible consequences. This was tragically demonstrated in the case of Panayiotis Stefani.

AKEL is again sounding the alarm about the increased incidents of bullying.

We have already taken the initiative to elaborate a new modern, comprehensive and effective legislation on the phenomenon of bullying, which is affecting more and more young people and children.

Within the framework of this initiative, AKEL will seek consultation with the scientific community, social and state bodies. To this end, a meeting with the Commissioner for the Protection of Children’s Rights has already been scheduled.


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