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The second time AKEL has lost ground in elections is the subject of deep reflection


31st May 2021, ‘Astra’ radio station

AKEL Spokesperson S.Stefanou characterised the result of yesterday’s parliamentary elections as a failure, adding that the second time AKEL lost ground in parliamentary elections that has reached a historic low is the subject of deep reflection.

How AKEL will address the situation, he said in the morning edition of ‘Astra’, will be debated at the Party Congress to be convened at the end of June. Asked if there is a question of leadership, Stefanos Stefanou said that this matter will be discussed at the Congress where, as he said, there is always an election of the Central Committee. He also recalled that in AKEL decisions are taken collectively.

Stefanou said that AKEL failed to fulfill the electoral goal it had set, which was to highlight that the Party is not the same as the other parties either with regards the Cyprus problem, or on matters related to the economy or society.

He also stressed that AKEL will continue to struggle to protect society and bring about social change.

Asked what position AKEL will take regarding the Presidency of the House of Representatives, S.Stefanou said that nothing has been discussed yet. This issue, he added, will be discussed in the coming days.

Regarding the question of the number of seats, S. Stefanou said that the 1 seat that was lost is in the district of Limassol, while 1 seat is being transferred from the district of Larnaca to Nicosia.

Commenting on the rise of ELAM, he said that this party will continue to be the reserve of DISY and the government. He also reminded that only AKEL confronted this party.


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