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The DISY government scorns everyone to impose Agathangelou


Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Giorgos Koukoumas

21 July 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The whole of society is reacting to the appointment of Petros Agathangelou, but the government is signaling that there isn’t any possibility of it revoking its decision.

In other words, the DISY government is provocatively disregarding the position expressed by patients’ associations, trade union organisations, movements and agencies, society as a whole and even of two of its own former Ministers.

What could be behind this authoritarianism and arbitrary action of the DISY government, which prefers to clash with everyone in order to impose Mr. Agathangelou on the Board of the Health Insurance Organisation?  Society of course has long since understood what is truly at stake with the ruling DISY party and its stand towards the National Health Scheme (NHS). DISY was forced to accept the single-insurance NHS system and will not rest until it finds a way to reverse it and hand it over to powerful private interests.

The excuses the government ruling forces are peddling are not convincing anyone. The very same political faction – the ruling DISY party – that had pledged not to proceed to the imposition of the haircut on bank deposits and that pledged that it was supposedly “rescuing the Cyprus Co-operative Bank”, now wants us to believe it will not reverse the single-insurance NHS system.


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