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Statement the Central Committee of AKEL on the plenary of the C.C. of AKEL


5th June 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The Central Committee of AKEL met today and discussed the result of the parliamentary elections of 30th May. Almost all the members of the C.C. participated in a free and creative discussion that had as its subject the analysis and causes of the negative election result, the assessment of AKEL’s activity and overall intervention in Cypriot society. The structure of the Party itself was also discussed, with the aim of improving its operation and activity so it can fulfill its mission and goals.

The discussion highlighted the universal determination of the Party leadership to address the current ordeal and for AKEL to move forward. To reorganize and strengthen again. To renew its ties with the people and workers. To enhance its intervention and effectiveness in Cypriot society. The country needs a strong AKEL, a strong Left, the force and hope for the homeland and people.

The aim of the Central Committee of AKEL is that the discussion that took place should continue the following days with the Party grass roots base and friends of the Party, but also more widely with the people of the Left. The dialogue and discussion will be completed at the upcoming AKEL Party Congress, on 2-4th July, where decisions will be approved that will guide the Party’s activity and intervention in Cypriot society and for our Cyprus.


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