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AKEL on the announcements of new fait accompli in Varosha


20 July 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

In the end the legitimate concerns expressed that the Turkish President’s illegal visit to the occupied territories would be accompanied by announcements for the imposition of new fait accompli in Varosha, have unfortunately been confirmed. Tatar’s announcement to lift the military status of part of the enclosed city for the return of properties of former inhabitants and beneficiaries represents another step towards the complete annulment of the resolutions of the UN Security Council which demand return (of the enclosed city) under the provisional administration of the United Nations.

Erdogan’s congratulations for Tatar’s announcement simply point to the division of roles aiming at portraying the whole issue as a decision taken by the pseudo-state and not by Turkey itself. It is evident that the colonalisation of a town that has remained empty for 47 years to be returned to its lawful inhabitants is in reality a severe blow to any attempt for a comprehensive solution of the Cyprus problem. It is for this reason that we expect the international community to react immediately and decisively if it really wants a solution of the Cyprus problem.

At the same time, we call on President Anastasiades to take initiatives that will either restrain Turkey or expose it as the sole culprit for the non-solution of the Cyprus problem. Given that every policy is judged by its results, we wonder why he stubbornly persists in approaches that by now have proven that they facilitate Turkey’s illegal goals and lead to the loss of Varosha and the final partition of Cyprus.


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