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Shameful decision: Parliament ratifies film co-production deal with Israel’s killer state


Strong reaction from AKEL

1 March 2024

With the AKEL MPs voting against and three abstentions, the majority of Parliament yesterday ratified the Cyprus-Israel agreement on the co-production of films amidst the ongoing massacre of thousands of Palestinians. It is tragic that film co-production is being discussed instead of Israel’s atrocities and the imposition of sanctions, AKEL Parliamentary Representative Giorgos Loukaides pointed out.

The ratification of the agreement between the government of the Republic of Cyprus and Israel on film co-production was approved yesterday by a majority in the plenary session of the Parliament with 25 votes in favour, 12 against (AKEL) and 3 abstentions.

It is should be noted that before the vote, the Parliamentary Representative of AKEL submitted to the Plenary press and other reports concerning the latest atrocities committed by Israel, which yesterday (Thursday 29/2) opened fire on Palestinians waiting for humanitarian aid near Gaza City, resulting in the murder of 104 people and the injury of 280 more. Furthermore, Giorgos Loukaides even called the debate on the bill shameful at a time when Israel has been committing crimes against the Palestinian people for four months. He also characterised as tragic that film co-production was being discussed instead of “Israel’s atrocities and the need for sanctions to be imposed”.

It seems, he added, that certain quarters want to convey the message to Israel that it can proceed “as if it’s business as usual”.


Given this attitude, the MP asked rhetorically, how can the Cypriot parliament be relied upon to pass a condemnatory resolution on Israel calling for a ceasefire.

AKEL MP Andros Kyprianou also suggested that small states like Cyprus in particular should be highlighting that the planet operates on the basis of international law and not on the basis of interests that render them at the mercy of the mighty.

AKEL MP Marina Nikolaou said that they are being asked to ratify agreements with the “killer state of the Middle East”. Cyprus, she said, must stand firm on the principles of international law and demand the implementation of the resolutions of the United Nations.


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