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Message of the “Tudeh Party of Iran” to the 23rd Congress

Message of the “Tudeh Party of Iran” to the 23rd Congress:


«Dear Comrades,


On behalf of the Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran, as well as all members of the Party, we are pleased to convey our warmest greetings to the presidium and delegates attending your 23rd Congress and through them to all members and supporters of your fraternal Party.


The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran wishes your 23rd Congress every success in realising fully its objectives in ratifying the policies for renewal of the tactical and strategic tasks in the struggle for peace, progress, and the unification of Cyprus.


We would also like to take this opportunity to once again acknowledge the significance of the continued, consistent and dynamic expressions of solidarity extended by AKEL towards the Iranian people in their struggle for peace, human and democratic rights, and social justice.


Dear Comrades,


Your 23rd Congress is taking place at a critical moment in the people’s struggle for world peace, climate and environmental protection, sustainable development, and socialism.  Indeed, your Congress meets amidst the deepening global capitalist crisis with the threat of a new global economic recession looming on the horizon.  Meanwhile, the imperialist powers in the US-led NATO bloc are becoming more aggressive in their stance and drive to war around the world – from Eastern Europe to the East Mediterranean, and from the Middle East to the Far East.  At the same time, the rise of ultra-right populist currents and governments is increasing the pressure on the democratic movements of people around the world.  It is under these circumstances that the worldwide unity of the communist and revolutionary forces becomes vital to our common struggle.


We must also acknowledge the devastating impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the enormous setback it poses for humanity – and, particularly, for the lives and livelihoods of the already-beleaguered working-class and poorer strata around the world.  Thus, over the past 16 months, our parties have been grappling with the manifold economic, social, and political crises amplified to another level because of the pandemic.  The challenges posed by the pandemic have been greater for the peoples and movements in poorer countries and those ruled by corrupt, pro-capitalist, and dictatorial regimes, like many of those found in the Middle East.


Without a doubt, the struggle for peace and progress in the Middle East has been at its most acute in recent decades.  There, the forces of imperialism, in attempting to maintain their geo-strategic domination of a region straddling three continents, are resisting any meaningful progressive change – including the righteous demands of its peoples for justice and sovereignty.  The people of the Middle East are faced on the one hand with the continual interference of imperialist forces to control the region’s extensive natural resources, and on the other by the corresponding emergence of religious fundamentalist forces which are determined to shackle the masses in an exploitative system that essentially reverts to feudalism.  The situation inside Iran is a clear manifestation of the consequences of this dual crisis.  The theocratic dictatorship is determined to stay in power at any cost – even if that means the total ruining of the country’s rich human and natural resources – and continue to rule the country through appalling brute force, while submitting to the exploitative designs of imperialist forces for Iran and the whole region.  In this respect, it is important to note that at the very same time your Congress will be in session, over 30,000 Iranian oil-workers will be two weeks into their courageous industrial action in pursuit of their most basic labour rights.


Dear Comrades,


The agenda of your 23rd Congress includes important issues of national significance regarding the economic, social, and political life of all of Cyprus, the whole island.  The country urgently requires deep radical progressive changes.  And, your Party has rightly identified that this will only be possible through the delivery of a real kick-start, at all levels, to mobilise the necessary forces and national resolve required in order to realise progressive political change in Cyprus.  Of course, that will mean a decisive break from the right-wing and its toxic policies.


Dear Comrades,


We, the Tudeh Party of Iran, reassure you of our commitment to the further strengthening of the warm bilateral relations between our two parties, as well as our continued fraternal support for AKEL in its struggle for peace, democracy, socialism, and the reunification of Cyprus.  Let it be known and loudly declared that we are united with you in the struggle for the future of Cyprus, and for world peace – including in the Middle East.


The struggle for peace and progress will demand the broadest unity of all forces that campaign to these ends.  Communists from around the world have a unique role in this endeavour.  We are confident that our common struggle for real and lasting peace in the world will be successful and that human and democratic rights and social justice will prevail.


We salute you in your struggle for peace, progress, and socialism…  May victory be yours!


  • Long live the Progressive Party of the Working People of Cyprus (AKEL)!
  • Long live the friendship and solidarity between AKEL and the Tudeh Party of Iran!
  • Long live International Solidarity!


With fraternal greetings


The Central Committee of the Tudeh Party of Iran

29th June 2021



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