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Message of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) to the 23rd Congress

Message of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) to the 23rd Congress:



Dear comrades,
We salute the 23rd Congress of AKEL with militant greetings.
You are organizing a historical Congress, not only because it is taking place under extraordinary conditions posed by COVID-19 pandemic, but also because the political, economical, ideological and cultural crisis of capitalism is looming over the lives of workers in each and every country. The pandemic has only been the proof of this.
The partition of Cyprus cannot be thought beyond the framework of imperialism and capitalist greed. The temporary competitions or rapprochement between the bourgeois powers of the related countries do not change the essence of the conflict. It is the conflict between the accumulation of capital in a small bunch of hands and the exploitation of millions of workers for the profit of others. Nationalism, racism, religious reaction, xenophobia are the tools to deepen this conflict and undermine the workers’ capacity to counterattack.
The true solution to the decades long Cyprus problem is a unified independent country ruled by the working people. Only then we could speak of peace and prosperous development in the Mediterranean region. The rich resources above and below the earth and the sea belong to the working people of the region and not to monopolies or bourgeois governments.
We have no doubt that the struggle of communists will bring the just future closer. This is a tough but honorable task, in the face of which we repeat our will to collaborate internationally.
With these thoughts, we wish success to the newly elected central organs, all the cadres and members of AKEL for the upcoming period.
Long live internationalism!
Long live socialism-communism!
Communist Party of Turkey
Central Committee


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