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Initiatives must be taken to prevent the definitive partition of Cyprus


30th July 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

What the Chief Negotiator of the Greek Cypriot community Mr. Mavroyiannis is now stating AKEL was saying for a long time. Without fully agreeing with all his statements, his conclusions are a consequence of the erroneous handling of the situation made at Crans Montana.

However, when AKEL did so, warning of the great dangers arising from the deadlock and negotiating vacuum, the Presidency accused AKEL of playing Turkey’s game. Following this approach, the government attributed what Turkish officials threatened about the Cypriot Exclusive Economic Zone and Famagusta to “communication tricks”.

Mavroyiannis’ statement about the “great failure of the narrative” of Mr. Anastasiades is the reality that we have been facing in recent years and this must belatedly give the President and his government cause for reflection in order to confront the danger of a definitive partition.

To address the situation it is imperative that the Republic of Cyprus takes concrete initiatives. Fully aware of the criticality of the moment, AKEL has since last December submitted a specific proposal to the President on the steps and initiatives that must be taken. We are convinced that our proposal can create a climate of putting pressure on Turkey to force it to return to the framework of Crans-Montana. Otherwise, Turkey will be exposed as the sole culprit for the deadlock.

Not only has the President not replied to our proposal, but it is continuing to limit himself to managing the situation to serve communication considerations without taking any real initiative. But the final partition of Cyprus is getting closer and closer….


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