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Ankara’s new protocol tightens further the suffocating stranglehold on the Turkish Cypriots


23 May 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The new protocol that was announced on Friday between Ankara and the occupied territories is yet another blow to the existence of the community, freedoms and rights of the Turkish Cypriots, while at the same time promoting new fait accompli on the Cyprus problem. This development comes at a time of economic crisis, new price increases and political interferences by Turkey in the internal affairs of the Turkish Cypriot community.

The provisions of the new protocol, among other things, facilitate the demographic alteration (of the occupied areas), institutionalise the promotion of the policy of Islamisation and curb the gains of working people and trade unions, while further promoting the illegal opening of the enclosed area of Varosha, which violate the relevant Resolutions of the United Nations.

AKEL denounces in the strongest possible terms the new negative developments and pledges to continue the common struggle with the progressive forces in both communities for the reversal of the destructive course of the Cyprus problem and for the resumption of the negotiations within the framework of the agreed basis for a solution and the convergences that have been recorded so far by the two sides.

Furthermore, we express our solidarity with the progressive forces of the Turkish Cypriots who are struggling on the one hand for the existence of their community and will and on the other hand for the realisation of the common vision for the reunification of Cyprus and its people.


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