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AKEL on the UN Secretary General’s Report on his Good Offices Mission


10th July 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The Report of the United Nations Secretary General follows the logic of previous reports. Given that the effort to resume substantive negotiations continues, his intentions not to damage this prospect are evident. It is clear from the Report that the Secretary General does not adopt the Anastasiades narrative and this is prevalent in the text. His reference to a historic opportunity missed at Crans Montana resulting in a deteriorating situation is indicative. At the same time, he points out that negative rhetoric continues on both sides despite the dynamic mobilisations of civil society.

At the same time as Turkey and Tatar are now stubbornly insisting on a two state solution or at least on the recognition of the existence of two separate entities on the island, unfortunately the Secretary General does not assign them responsibilities on the grounds that in an informal conference held without preconditions everyone can express their views and he calls for flexibility and political will to be demonstrated by both sides. However, he makes it clear that he is guided by the resolutions and parameters of the United Nations, stressing that the UN Security Council has made it clear for fifty years that there is only one sovereign state on the island.

The reiteration of Mr. Guterres’ position on Varosha is seen in a positive light, recalling Resolutions 550 and 789 of the UN Security Council. While not denouncing Turkish provocations in the Exclusive Economic Zone, he correctly points out that the natural resources should benefit both communities and be used as an incentive for a solution of the Cyprus problem.

The Report sounds the alarm and the Secretary General explicitly turns his attention primarily to the two leaders. President Anastasiades needs to take seriously into account Mr. Guterres’ warning that the ongoing dynamics in and around Cyprus are likely to make future efforts to reach a mutually agreed solution to the Cyprus problem unfeasible.

We call for the umpteenth time on President Anastasiades to get the message and take meaningful initiatives before the situation becomes irreversible. The UN Secretary General’s Report essentially confirms the correctness of the proposal AKEL had submitted to President Anastasiades. It is our belief that if taken into account this proposal will either bring Turkey back on the rails of Crans Montana or expose it to the international community as being solely responsible for the ongoing stalemate.


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