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AKEL on the 58th anniversary of Turkey’s bombing of the region of Tilliria


The painful anniversaries of history must make us wiser

7 August 2022, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The 58th anniversary of Turkey’s bombing of the region of Tilliria reminds us of another tragic and painful page of Cypriot history. Older generations still have vivid memories of the Turkish air force’s napalm bombing raids that spread death and destruction in the area. AKEL pays tribute to the fallen and the victims of the Turkish raid of August 1964.

The Turkish air force’s raid on our island took place at a time when NATO’s plans for our island’s partition based on the Acheson Plan, which was the compass for all the partitionist circles both inside and outside Cyprus, were reaching a climax. The partition plans led to the bloodbath left behind by the nationalist circles on our island, which remained tied to the visions of Enosis (union with Greece) and Partition respectively.

AKEL, on the other hand, worked at that time against the nationalist polarisation that was gnawing away at the foundations of the young Republic of Cyprus. It supported Cyprus’ non-aligned policy, since the diplomatic and political support of the Non-Aligned Movement and socialist community was decisive in saving the Republic of Cyprus’ statehood. At the same time, on the battlefield, EDON, AKEL and other members of the People’s Movement of the Left – such as EDON Central Council member Kousoulides, Astanios, Kareklas, Eikosaris, Ftohopoulos and others – fought to defend Cyprus from the Turkish-NATO incursions.

AKEL pays tribute and expresses its gratitude to all of Cyprus’ children who sacrificed their lives during the Turkish invasion of 1964. At the same time, we note that the commemoration of the black anniversaries of Cyprus’ modern history, such as the 58th anniversary of the Tilliria bombings, becomes meaningful if it makes all of us – people and political leadership – wiser, but above all more determined in the struggle for a free, independent and united homeland, with its people as masters in their own land. Without occupation and colonisation, foreign guardians and guarantors, chauvinism and barbed wire. A home to all its children.


AKEL calls for the people’s mass participation in tomorrow's anti-occupation meeting organised by the Famagusta Municipality


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