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AKEL Loukaides: Low to zero expectations from the President’s New York contacts


22 September 2021, ‘Astra’ radio station

Our expectations from President Anastasiades’ contacts on the Cyprus problem in New York range from low to zero, AKEL Parliamentary Representative Giorgos Loukaides noted.

Speaking to the morning edition of ‘Astra’, he said that expectations are low due to the Turkish side’s positions in favor of a two state solution and ‘sovereign equality’.

G.Loukaides added, however, that the stance of the Greek Cypriot side also gives an alibi to Turkey and Tatar to put forward proposals outside the framework of the solution of the Cyprus problem.

Referring to the issues raised by the President of the Republic such as his proposal for a return to the 1960 Constitution, he said that this is yet another political adventurism and acrobatics of the President which provides a lifeline to Ersin Tatar.

The AKEL Parliamentary Representative said that the reality creates room for third parties and may lead the United Nations seeking – within the context of ‘new ideas’ – solutions similar to those presented by the United Kingdom which undermine and reverse important convergences that have been recorded.

G.Loukaides noted that the President’s regressions and contradictions have a cost, adding that if the government ruling forces continue with the same mindset, further setbacks rather than progress can be expected in the negotiation procedure.

Furthermore, the AKEL Parliamentary Representative also stressed that the hope (for a solution) must be kept alive and referred to the mass mobilisation-march in favour of the reunification of the country that AKEL is organising on 3 October, under the slogan “We are marching for a Solution and Reunification”.


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