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The 21st Congress of AKEL was held on the 25 – 28 of November 2010, in Nicosia. The first day of the Congress, on the 25th of November, an International Conference was organised under the title “The struggle of the Left and the fight of the peoples for global peace and security against the imperialist Order”.

The Congress was held in a period where the capitalist system and neoliberal model of its management were going through a deep crisis, as a result of the inherent contradictions of the system and the rapid exacerbation of inequalities over the last three decades, since neoliberalism was imposed.

The 21st Congress of AKEL has taken place in unprecedented circumstances for the Party itself. For the first time, the President of the Republic c. D. Christofias coming from the ranks of AKEL. For the first time AKEL was having such a big participation in a coalition government.

The 21st Congress of AKEL has also been held in extremely crucial conditions for Cyprus and our people. The most important and coherent attempt to solve the Cyprus problem was underway since 1974 and onwards, an attempt which was made possible due to the policy and initiatives undertaken by President Christofias.


Declaration of the 21st Congress of AKEL on the 50 years of Independence of the Republic of Cyprus

Declaration of the 21st Congress of AKEL to the people of Cyprus

Message of the 21st AKEL Congress to the Turkishcypriot Community


Resolution of the 21st Congress of AKEL to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki