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With confidence in the people of the Left, with our eye on the future


27 November 2023, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia

The Statutory Congress of AKEL is now a landmark in our Party’s modern course. After a democratic dialogue before and during the Congress, the approximately 1,000 elected Congress delegates approved by a large majority a series of amendments on statutes and rules concerning AKEL’s internal functioning. The most important changes provide for:

  1. Reduction in the terms of office of MPs/MEP’s from three to two.
  2. Election of the General Secretary by the Party Congress instead of the Central Committee.
  3. Election of District Secretaries by the respective Conference instead of the District Committee.
  4. Provision that members of the C.C. who do not work in the full-time mechanism of AKEL and popular organisations should constitute at least 60% of the body.
  5. Incompatibility of the posts of Central Organizational Secretary, District and District Organizational Secretary with the public offices of MP, MEP, Mayor and President of a District Organization.
  6. Speeding up and simplification of the process of selecting a candidate that the Party will support in the Presidential Elections.

AKEL expresses its confidence in the thousands of Party members and cadres that they will make these changes a force for renewal, democracy, collective work and unity.

Consistent to its ideology and proud of its 100-year history, AKEL is improving its structures, procedures and functioning so that it can become more effective, more democratic and ever more closer to the people of labour and the young generation. For Cyprus, for the people.



AKEL's Statutory Congress continues - The main statutory changes have been approved


Statement by AKEL MP Giorgos Koukoumas after the session of the Parliamentary Labour Affairs Committee