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Progressive change for our Cyprus!


Article by Giorgos T. Georgiou – AKEL Political Bureau MEMBER, AKEL Limassol District Secretary

Sunday 12 June 2022, ‘Haravgi’ newspaper 

Under the slogan “Change for our Cyprus”, the Pancyprian Conference of AKEL decided to support Andreas Mavroyiannis, the independent candidacy not affiliated to a party, for the 2023 presidential elections. After six months of discussion and consultation with both the opposition forces and its party membership, AKEL has decided, through our democratic procedures, through collective wisdom, to nominate A. Mavroyiannis as the presidential candidate for the 2023 elections. Democracy in AKEL is not empty talk, but a practice that over time has rendered its members the masters and owners in their home.

A new era has begun for our people, for the Cypriot Left, for every progressive and democratic person. The independent and non-affiliated candidate Andreas Mavroyiannis has the credentials, qualifications, scientific but also political background to lead our country and people for real change. Andreas Mavroyiannis has the knowledge and experience, is a tested candidate and the fact that successive Presidents of the Republic have entrusted him with important positions and missions says a lot! Yes, Andreas Mavroyiannis has a comparative advantage that no other candidate has.

At the same time, Andreas Mavroyiannis concentrates in his candidacy all the qualitive characteristics that the majority current of our society and people, prefer. That is to say, a person who has distinguished himself as a diplomat, serving his country and our people, honest with noble values, a person with his own views, moderate and authentic. Andreas Mavroyiannis isn’t tarnished, neither in business dealings, nor in “golden” passports schemes, nor has his name ever been mentioned in any involvement in dubious tax havens, companies and businesses, nor does he have any stain on him for anything. Others should seek answers for themselves, for everything they are accused of, either for their political career or for what our people know all too well, that you can find some people involved in everything wherever go into something deeply.

But above all, what makes the independent and non-party candidacy of Andreas Mavroyiannis stand out is his programme, positions and proposals, which can lead Cyprus and our people to a new era. Andreas Mavroyiannis has the determination and the will to work and make use of every opportunity for the solution and reunification of our country. Not only that, Andreas Mavroyiannis knows much better than anyone else how to work collectively, hard and in a responsible manner to create conditions and prerequisites for the resumption of the dialogue with the aim of arriving at a positive outcome. The welfare state, social justice, honesty, meritocracy, the restoration of democracy and the strengthening of democratic institutions, the transition to the digital age are his main goals.

Who can guarantee the position of working people, safeguard labour rights and gains, respect and strengthen working people’s collective contracts?

Who can guard against the banks’ impunity, price increases, inflation, ensure the minimum wage, protect our country’s young generation, pensioners, the vulnerable and fragile groups of the population?

Yes, only Andreas Mavroyiannis, who is the only independent candidate who wants and can make a difference, who can work collectively for the Cyprus of tomorrow, for a better Cyprus. With the contribution of AKEL and other progressive movements, but also personalities to his program, yes, Andreas Mavroyiannis is in effect the central representative of our country’s progressive and democratic forces. He has the vision, he can inspire the Cypriot people and can realise their dreams and aspirations.

The journey for our Ithaca, for a better Cyprus, has begun. Let us all become fellow travelers on this journey, each and every one of us. Let us all take up our own oars, facing both the storms and the waves and tempests. We shall be victorious because we are united by our love for our homeland and inspired by our children’s future!


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