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Cyprus lags far behind in the EU on environmental issues. In recent years, we have witnessed a dangerous targeting of development for “all types of development regardless of environmental costs”. Fundamental parameters regarding the protection of the natural environment, such as sensitive ecosystems, nature conservation areas and beach protection zones and the marine area itself, are in many cases in danger for the promotion of development projects.

The deterioration of climate change over the last 50 years has a direct impact on the quality of life of the world’s living organisms, while at the same time the Earth is on the verge of deregulation, with the risk of self-destruction.

What is called the “environment”, that is to say, the immediate, wider area where we live and work, needs protection and upgrading to continue to provide us with what is indispensable for our very survival.

AKEL is struggling for a model of Sustainable Development that is in line with fundamental social and environmental principles, such as the right of everyone, as well as the future generations too, to live in a healthy environment. AKEL defends the precautionary principle against any possible environmental damage and burden, the respect for natural and anthropogenic ecosystems and the rational management of limited natural resources, which it regards as collective and social goods. Green development, as presented principally by the European Union, is inadequate and will not produce the desired results. While it may reduce environmental degradation, it does not however reduce social inequalities and does not increase employment.

At this critical juncture for our species and planet, AKEL is struggling against the threats and consequences of the climate crisis by proposing feasible solutions seeking to curb the phenomena.

Among our priorities are the following:

  • Institutional upgrading of all state environmental structures.
  • Respect and enforcement of all environmental laws, including the respect and compliance with the relevant legislations for the assessment of Environmental impacts from projects.
  • Unified water management.
  • The demand for a “Cyprus free of Genetically Modified Organisms”.
  • Protection of biodiversity, the proper management of fossil and water resources, preservation of the quality of the air in combination with the correct management of air pollutant emissions and various waste currents.
  • Rational and sustainable exploitation of RES for the benefit of society, with a primary focus on protecting the natural environment.

All of the above are essential for the preservation of the environment and constitute a key component of sustainable development. We once again point out that the issue of ecological destruction is a profoundly political question and the degree of organization of the forces, which are resisting the destructive path that is being pursued, is expected to determine the future of tomorrow’s generations. AKEL will be at the forefront of this struggle

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