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Measures to support SME’s now!

Statement by AKEL C.C. Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanou

AKEL C.C. Press Office, 27th April 2021, Nicosia

The government’s decision to impose a third lockdown is a result of the lack of planning, as well as the contradictions it itself has shown in handling the pandemic during the previous period. Of course, an even bigger problem is the delays in the vaccination program. Characteristic of the government ruling force’s sloppiness is that a few hours before the decision for a Lockdown was taken this possibility was ruled out.

The pressing thing right now, of course, is that the new decisions dramatically worsen the already tragic situation in which thousands of small and medium-sized businesses and our country’s self-employed find themselves.

Targeted support of small and medium enterprises is demanded immediately and a solution must be given to the issue of rents. AKEL calls on the government to listen to POVEK’s proposal for a rent subsidy for all three lockdown periods, with the rent being divided between the state, the tenant and the landlord. AKEL also demands:

  • suspension of evictions, after President Anastasiades referred to the Supreme Court the relevant bill passed by Parliament and thus by doing so leaving small and medium-sized businesses unprotected,
  • targeted suspension of installments and interest to businesses, without this being left to the discretion of the banks to choose,
  • arrangements and facilities for the payment of bills, fees and other obligations.
  • support for SME’s to promote e-retail.

The government must understand that if drastic and bold support measures aren’t taken right now, thousands of small and family businesses, thousands of self-employed people will disappear from the country’s economic map.


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