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Μήνυμα του Κομμουνιστικoύ Κόμματος Βρετανίας προς το 23ο Συνέδριο του ΑΚΕΛ

Μήνυμα προς το 23ο Συνέδριο απέστειλε το Κομμουνιστικό Κόμμα Βρετανίας:

«Dear Comrades 

The Communist Party of Britain sends its warmest greetings to the Congress of the Progressive Party of Working People of Cyprus (AKEL) on the occasion of your 23rd Congress.

Our Party greatly values our friendship and solidarity with the Communists of Cyprus developed over the past nine decades in our common opposition to imperialism – specifically that of Britain – and common support for a socialist future for humankind.

Your party led a generation-long struggle to unify the working people of Cyprus, across barriers of religion and race, to liberate your country from British occupation.  Your party fought against fascism in Cyprus and subsequently the NATO-sanctioned invasion by the armed forces of Turkey.

Your party has always put the unity of working people, irrespective of origin and language, at the centre of its work and used its position within the European Union to advance a progressive agenda against that of big business and neo-liberalism.

Today Communists in Britain commit themselves to support the efforts of your party and all progressive forces in Cyprus to end the illegal Turkish occupation and establish a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation, a united and sovereign Cyprus.

Dear Comrades, we wish you every success in the work of your Congress.  British Communists commit themselves to campaign for the removal of the remaining British military bases at Akrotiri and Dhekelia and to support the wider struggle to secure Cyprus’s territorial integrity on the basis of unity among its working people.

Long Live Socialism! Long Live Working Class Internationalism!»


General Secretary


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