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Μήνυμα του Κόμματος Παλαιστινιακού Λαού προς το 23ο Συνέδριο του ΑΚΕΛ

Μήνυμα προς το 23ο Συνέδριο απέστειλε το Κόμμα Παλαιστινιακού Λαού:

«Dear comrade Andro Kypriano

General secretary of AKEL

Allow me,   on behalf of the leadership and all members of the Palestinian People’s Party, to extend to you and through you to the members of the twenty-third congress of your brotherly party our best wishes for success in its work.

Our party highly appreciates the level of comradely relations between our two parties, as well as the historical friendly relations between our two peoples who fell victim of the imperialist conspiracy, from which they are still suffering until now through the Turkish occupation of a   part of Cyprus and the Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian land and   permanent aggression and repression against our people.

We would also like to express to you our high appreciation for the principled and consistent positions of your   party in solidarity and support  the just struggle of our people for    ending the occupation, achieving national independence, and establishment an independent state within the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of refugees to return in accordance with United Nations Resolution 194.

Once again we wish you  and your congressevery success .

Basasam Salhi

General secretary – PPP»


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