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Μήνυμα του Κόμματος Κομμουνιστικής Επανίδρυσης – Ευρωπαϊκή Αριστερά (Ιταλία) προς το 23ο Συνέδριο του ΑΚΕΛ

Μήνυμα προς το 23ο Συνέδριο απέστειλε το Κόμμα Κομμουνιστικής Επανίδρυσης – Ευρωπαϊκή Αριστερά (Ιταλία):

«Dear General Secretary, Caro Andros,

On behalf of Communist Refoundation Party – European Left, we would like to send you our best wishes for your next AKEL Congress (2-4 of July).

As you know, our party always followed closely the situation in Cyprus and your important contribution to people’s struggle for freedom, democracy and peace, and to the working people’s struggles for their just cause and rights.

Your 23rd Congress will take place at a critical crossroad. The whole world, Europe, and the Eastern Mediterranean is full of conflicts and dangers. Climate change and ecological crisis threaten the planet and human kind, while the Covid-19 pandemic have further deteriorated the whole situation.

In Cyprus, final partition threatens the country and the struggle to end the occupation and for reunification is at a crucial point.

As you point out in your letter, AKEL always promoted open dialogue to Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, which distinguishes AKEL from the rest of country’s political forces, as it engages thousands of persons in the elaboration of policies and proposals, thanks to your deep roots into to the working people and the young generation.

At the same time, the DISY-Anastasiades government has worsened standard of living and working conditions with the abolition of popular gains and rights, won through long struggles. Meanwhile, corruption, authoritarianism and arrogance are the characteristics of the government and ruling class.

There is no doubt about the need of a radical and progressive turn for Cyprus and its people, to change deeply anti-popular right-wing policies.

This duty is even more important, as your Congress will take place a month after elections for the House of Representatives.

The Communist Refoundation Party – European Left shares AKEL optimism that the 23rd Congress will become a landmark not only for the Party, but also for Cyprus.

We wish you all the best for a successful Congress.

Un abbraccio fraterno.

In solidarity,


Maurizio Acerbo

National Secretary

Communist Refoundation Party – European Left

Head of the International and Peace Area

Communist Refoundation Party – European Left»


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