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The 23rd Congress of AKEL took place at a time when the consequences of climate change are threatening the survival of the planet and represent a serious concern for humanity. The environmental and ecological crisis is nothing but the direct consequence of the dominant global development model, the capitalist system that is based on the indiscriminate exploitation of the planet’s natural resources, which is precisely why it is not sustainable.

The tackling this crisis, which is of vital importance for the planet’s survival, is an integral part of the struggle for a more just and peaceful world. Emerging from the COVID 19 pandemic, we cannot but recall that the scientific community has been issuing warnings for years that climate change and the downgrading of the environment will bring pandemics and will have impacts on health.

Bearing all this in mind, but also the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the Kyoto Protocol annexed to it,

Bearing in mind the reports of the World Health Organisation on the connection between climate change and disease transmission models,

Having regard to the most recent and comprehensive scientific evidence that highlight the harmful effects of climate change presented by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in its special report on the impacts of global warming of 1.5 °C,

Taking into account the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals,

Considering also that climate change affects all states and peoples without exception, and that the poorest states are affected to a greater extent,

Taking further into account that the dramatic climate changes and increasing frequency and intensity of extreme weather phenomena, the rise in the average global temperature and sea levels are daily a phenomena which contribute to the growth in poverty for at least half of the world’s population and the socio-economic inequalities on the planet,

Expresses its profound concern about the situation as it is developing,

Stresses that the climate and environmental situation today demands immediate international cooperation to tackle the disaster,

To address the loss of biodiversity a long-term strategic policy is imperative, as its destruction makes pandemics more likely,

The formulation of a tangible plan to save the planet is demanded, especially by the rich countries, which must contribute by channeling resources and technology,

Underlines the need to promote all those measures that will enhance the Republic of Cyprus’ involvement in tackling climate change,

Taking into account the scientific forecasts made regarding climate change in Cyprus in the coming years and the multidimensional effects that may cause, expresses its deep concern about the severe consequences of climate change, especially in the areas of desertification and water. We must take seriously into account the difficult position we are in and make timely preparations to adapt to climate change in all sectors.

We express our deep concern about the absence of an environmental policy over the last 8 years by the present government and the all-out attack on the environment carried out by illegal development projects, the destruction of protected habitats and the fragmented implementation of legislation regarding nature protection networks.

We stress that the goal of environmental and social justice can only be achieved if environmental parameters and the interests of our people are placed over and above the interests of capital and the attempt to maximise profits regardless of the consequence.