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The modern world

The dissolution of the Soviet Union and the community of the socialist states in Europe rendered imperialism led by the United Stated of America even more aggressive. The so-called new world order, ruthless neo-liberalism and globalisation of the multinationals and monopolies is the modern expression of capitalism. The “new world order” violates international law, attempts to guide and sideline the United Nations and to launch wars against entire peoples. Invoking the fight against terrorism and defending human rights and democracy is the deceitful pretext behind of which the economic and geo-strategic interests of the USA and their close allies are hiding. In the name of fighting terrorism democratic freedoms are also supressed. Neoliberalism undermines the living standards of peoples and curtails the socio-economic achievements of long struggles and sacrifices by the working people. Globalisation of the multinationals and monopolies condemns a big part of the planet in poverty and exhaustion. It causes great destruction to environment. The world civilisation is also another victim of modern imperialism that is sacrificed in the alter of the market, is humiliated by the industry of subculture and is enslaved by the propaganda mechanisms of imperialism.

Those who today define the fortunes of the European Union are driven by the same logics and the same policies of the new world order,  neoliberalism and globalisation of monopolies, even if in certain issues they attempt to differentiate themselves from the United States. The draft Constitutional Treaty that is promoted in the E.U., attempts to institutionalise the conservative neoliberal model. While it speaks of a common defence of the E.U., in actual fact the E.U. remains connected to the USA and NATO with the aim of interfering in other countries in the name of the fight against terrorism. The European peoples can depend on their long-standing struggles and revolutionary traditions in order to defend their achievements and fight for another Europe. A Europe of the peoples and employment, and not of monopolies and imperialism. The forces of the radical Left in Europe are pioneers in the struggle for a Europe of the Peoples.


In the face of brutality of modern imperialism the only hopeful alternative that exists is the fight for peace, democracy, social justice and socialism. The counterbalance of imperialism is no other but the struggles of the peoples and the progressive forces of humanity. Nobody can stop the course of history. Capitalism itself with its inherent contradictions produces and reproduces class struggle and social and political struggles aiming at a different world that is possible. AKEL, faithful to its internationalist ideology will continue to express in every way its solidarity with the peoples that struggle for freedom, democracy and social justice. AKEL will continue working within its capabilities for rallying and coordinating the left forces on a European and International level so that the Left will play the necessary role for transforming the world.