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The 22nd Congress of AKEL was held on 4-7th June 2015 at the International Conference Hall “Filoxenia” in Nicosia. Congress discussion was based on the “Thesis” of the 22nd Congress of AKEL that was discussed extensively in all Party Base Organisations.

Within the framework of the Congress an International Conference was organised on 4th June on the theme “The danger of fascism and reactionary forces in the era of imperialism and wars with the participation of 50 foreign delegates from all over the world. The majority of the Parties participating at the Conference co-signed a Message of Solidarity to the people of Cyprus  and a Statement on the situation in Ukraine.

The official opening of the Congress took place on 4th June with the opening speech of comrade Nicos Ioannou, member of the Political Bureau of AKEL, followed by the introductory speech of c. Andros Kyprianou, General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL.

On the third day of the Congress one session was dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Cyprus-AKEL with a speech from Andros Kyprianou, General Secretary of the C.C. AKEL. In addition,  the Political Resolution of the Congress, a Declaration on the Cyprus Problem and on the World Environment Day were approved.

On Sunday 7th June the newly elected Central Committee composed of 105 members convened in its first session and elected the new Central Control Commission. Sunsequently, the C.C. re-elected c.Andros Kyprianou to the post of General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL. The new Central Committee also elected on the 12th June the new Political Bureau and Secretariat of the Central Committee.

AKEL has received numerous messages from foreign fraternal Communist and Workers, as well as from left and progressive Parties all over the world regarding the deliberations of the 22nd Congress.

Theses of the 22nd Congress of AKEL

Speech on the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of Cyprus – AKEL

Declaration of the 22nd Congress of AKEL on the Cyprus Problem

Declaration of AKEL on World Environment Day 5/6/2015