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Μήνυμα του ΚΚ Βοημίας – Μοραβίας στο 23ο Συνέδριο

Μήνυμα του ΚΚ Βοημίας – Μοραβίας στο 23ο Συνέδριο:


Dear comrades, dear friends,


Comminist Party of Bohemia & Moravia is sending its most cordinal greetings to the 23rd Congress of the Progressive Party of Working People (AKEL). We salute every its member, expressing our both respect and appreciation to whole Your party for the enormous work which You are doing so bravely for the benefit of the working people.

Our relations between the CPB&M and the AKEL are very friendly and traditional. We intend to continue to strengthen mutual cooperation, exchange experiences and stand by the side of AKEL in the forefront of the communist and workers movement. We appreciate a role and activities of the AKEL in the coordination of the communist movement worldwide under the bannner of Marxism.

Your meeting takes place at a very difficult time, when the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world, bringing great suffering and social and economic hardship to the countries. The crisis affected mainly the poorest and most socially weakest groups of citizens and countries, the gap between the rich and masses of socially deprived people is widening further and inevitably leads to exacerbated social upheavals. At the same time, the pandemic accelerated and exposed the insurmountable contradictions of selfishness-based capitalism, the reckless pursuit of profit at all cost, including the liquidation of social systems, threats to the health of citizens, ecology and international law. Nor will it stop at the outbreak of war, gross interference in the internal affairs of independent countries and the threat to peace and stability in the world. Pandemic has confirmed the correctness of the conclusions of K. Marx about an anti-human nature of capitalism.

We believe that the conclusion of the congress will provide an answer to these acute problems and will be inspiration for other communist and worker’s parties in the world striving to build a socially just society, socialism.

You have the support and solidarity not only of the CPB&M, but also of all the progressive forces and nations of the world, of which the AKEL is a very important part.

We wish you You enough strenght and a lot of success.


Long live peace, friendship and solidarity among nations.


Most sincerely comradely greetings,






Vojtěch Filip

Chairman of the CPB&M


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