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In our country, as well as across the world, thousands of people continue to be subjected to violence, institutional discrimination and social humiliation because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. Despite the progress that has been made, there is still a long way to go at all levels: in legislation, in the practices of the state and institutions and in society’s views.

Our vision is a society of freedom, solidarity and equality

AKEL envisions a society of freedom, solidarity, equality and this presupposes the eradication not only of socio-economic inequalities, but also the combating of discriminations based on gender, nationality, religion, language, disability, sexual orientation, gender and identity. AKEL’s fundamental conviction is that the rights of LGBTI people are an integral part of human rights and as such must be guaranteed for each and every one from birth and not when and if the rest of society feels mature, nor when political expediencies permit it.

AKEL is at the forefront in ensuring the rights of LGBTI people

AKEL supported the deletion from Cypriot legislation of every anachronistic provision against LGBTI people. The Council of Ministers of the Christofias government had approved the first draft bill of the legislation on Civil Partnership Cohabitation, while during the vote on the legislation regarding the Cohabitation Pact, AKEL was the only party that supported the end of discrimination against same-sex couples in relation to the right to have children. Since the 22nd Congress of the Party in 2015, AKEL’s positions on LGBTI people and the combating of homophobia/transphobia have been included in its Congress Positions, making it the first political force in the country that very clearly supports the rights of LGBTI people with decisions adopted by the party membership and not only by the leading guiding bodies.

At the level of the European Parliament, the Political Group of the European United Left/Northern Green Left, in which AKEL participates, is one of the most consistent and militant supporters in the struggle for the rights of LGBT people at an all-European level. At the same time, AKEL pays special attention to the public condemnation of homophobic discourse by public figures, also calling through the exercise of parliamentary scrutiny for the implementation of the relevant legislation, but also demanding the isolation of homophobia and racism.

Assertions for the eradication of all institutional and social discriminations against LGBTI people

Cyprus needs to elaborate and implement a National Action Plan for LGBTI people, which will constitute a comprehensive network of legislative interventions, measures and actions in all areas of public and private life (for example, legislation, work, education, health, sports, housing, provision of asylum, private and family life). Among AKEL’s priorities, we distinguish the following:

  • Strengthening and effective implementation of the legislation on homophobic and transphobic hate speech.
  • Combating discrimination at the workplace
  • End discrimination in adoption and vitro fertilization
  • Legal recognition of Gender Identity

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