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Labour issues

Protection of collective agreements

Legislation that obliges employers to implement the agreed collective agreements. The Draft Bill submitted by AKEL has been pending in Parliament for years. The fact that the legal obligation has been imposed for the implementation of basic provisions of the collective agreement in the two major sectoral agreements, the builders and the hotel employees, represents a significant success for the workers movement.

Combating false self-employment and ending the purchase of services

Combating false self-employment and ending the practice of purchasing services to meet permanent needs by the public and semi-public sector. AKEL submitted a Draft Bill on the definition of the characteristics of salary employment – based on Recommendation 198 of the International Labour Organization – in order to curb the phenomenon of concealment of the real employer-employee relationship.

Minimum wage and elementary basic rights for every worker

Legislative introduction of a tripartite consultation and negotiation mechanism through which minimum conditions of wages and fundamental labour rights (13th salary, overtime, holidays) will be formulated for those workers who are not covered by collective agreements.

Strengthening controls at the workplace

Strengthen the labour inspection mechanism and increase the frequency of inspections to combat labour law violations, especially those relating to undeclared and uninsured work,

Full restoration of the Cost of Living Adjustment (ATA)

Full restoration of the Cost of Living Adjustment without concessions in the philosophy that governs it as a means of replenishing the purchasing power of wages

  • Deactivation and abolition of the mechanism for adjusting the retirement age according to the development of life expectancy.

Provision of support for the long-term unemployed

Expansion of the unemployment benefit from six to nine months, in order to expand support towards the long-term unemployed, which has increased significantly in recent years. Facilitate the access of the long-term unemployed to the Minimum Guaranteed Income through the targeted differentiation of the preconditions, aiming to secure an income after the termination of the unemployment benefit,

Social insurance Fund

Progressive revision of the philosophy governing the benefits from the Social Insurance Fund (TKA), so that they are adapted to the modern needs of the working family

Activation of the policy that was charted by the Christofias government for the creation of a real reserve of the TKA and the elaboration of a program for the repayment of the government debt to the Fund.

Establishment of an appropriate legislative framework for the investment policy of the TKA with the participation of the social forces,

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